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Our top goal is to provide the best quality resorts in Pansol Laguna for a relaxing, entertaining and extreme vacation experience together with your family and friends. Pansol Resorts is a 1 stop portal to provide you all the information of the resorts located in the Haven of Hot Springs, Brgy. Pansol, Calamba City Laguna. With our provided up-to-date photos and complete list of full amenities, you can easily take a glance of Pansol Resorts’ best that you and your family can enjoy. Choosing among these different beautiful resorts and booking for a holiday visit is just a click away! Contact us for your accommodation details.

About Pansol

Did you know that Pansol means “cold or hot springs”? Way back during the Spanish colonial time, hot baths in the area are very popular. Thanks to the generosity of our very own Mount Makiling which happened to be a dormant volcano.

The Spanish missionary Fr. Pedro Bautista (who later became a saint) supposedly set up public baths after discovering that the waters in the hot springs had medicinal value. He was also credited for renaming the nearby town Los Banos, which translates to “the baths.” Pansol these days are stillpopular for the traditional medicinal benefits of its hot springs. It alsohas been renowned as an inexpensive holiday destination for budget-conscious city folks. Since a lot of resorts can be found in a humble place like Pansol, most people living in Manila and nearby provinces can now enjoy an affordable, budget-friendly and luxurious vacation or weekend trip.

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Pansol Resorts Management Inc. is a DTI registered resorts management firm in the Philippines. We are the fastest growing resort’s management and among the most trusted service provider in Pansol, Calamba City Laguna. Planned on year 2010, five years in the making it was launch in the year 2015 with the vision to help resorts owners in Pansol to market their resorts using the internet and social media tools.It was successful but because of the growing demandand popularity, we opened the path of Pansol Resorts Management to wider services. Mid- 2016, we received a volume of calls, series of inquiries, and bookings. It was the time we add service catering clients, assisting and helping them to find affordable and quality resort according to their needs and budget. Now, as tourism continue to grow, by this One-stop portal we can provide you all the information of the resorts located in Brgy. Pansol, Calamba City Laguna. We will help you and your resorts business be more visible to your customers. You can advertise with us or set an appointment for listing in our site.